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A different question?

If your exercise related question is not answered above, please don’t hesitate to get in contact via the following email address:

I don’t understand how to do an exercise because I have never done it before?

Firstly, read the notes comprehensively on the session plan, failing that please use the video library resource for detailed views of the movements.

My gym doesn’t have a piece of equipment that the programme requires?

In some cases the programme will give alternatives, if these are N/A then please email for a replacement exercise.

What if an injury prevents me from doing an exercise?

When injured refer to the literature at the beginning of the programme, think logically and carefully consider whether you’re about to do something that may worsen the injury. Remember to seek professional medical advice before stepping foot back into the gym or doing any exercise at all.

I am doing an exercise but I can’t feel it in the area I think I should, what should I do?

Firstly, think logically about what the rest of the session involves and the muscle groups concerned. Consult the notes and videos if you’re still unsure.

I don’t have a gym membership; can I still do the programme?

Unfortunately, not, the nature of this programme requires access to a moderate amount of equipment. There is scope for us to develop a bodyweight/no equipment-type option in the future.

What should I do to warm-up before the sessions?

Always use relevant movement patterns and muscle groups to the exercise you are about to partake in, try to stick to dynamic movements prior and static stretch type work after exercise. Using lighter weights or lower intensity versions of the first exercise is a good place to start.