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Today we strive for a healthy lifestyle, that balances work and play. Back2Fitness has designed a 12 week transformation programme that supports that need.
The programme is now available to buy online as both an e-book and hardcopy, providing exercise plans and nutritional guidance for the professional looking to rediscover the fitness of their youth or live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.



Working with Neil Back, former England Captain and Rugby Union World Cup Winner we’re offering exclusive business seminars to help groups of employees begin their transformation. Doubling up as a valuable team building opportunity, these seminars offer the chance to come and be trained by strength and conditioning coach Sam Yassin, be fully debriefed on what to eat by our nutritional expert Jack Baker, and talk to Neil himself about his own experiences of the programme.




Neil’s own experiences of the programme allowed him to prove how much healthier he felt after getting back into shape. The programme’s benefits are further reaching than we initially thought and after doing some research, we discovered just how important fitness is for workplace productivity. We’re now on a mission to bring our exercise and nutritional expertise into businesses across the country to encourage employees to boost their productivity levels and aspirations.



Our corporate offerings are bespoke dependant on numbers and dynamics of the business or company in question. For orders fewer than 50 rather than offering a corporate discount (which is available when dealing with more volume) we want to offer our time and services in the form of educational seminars. This group fitness offering is extremely valuable to the business in question in terms of inspiring and educating the workforce on the lifestyle changes they are about to undertake. Not only will we create a framework to enable a much more effective and productive workforce, we will also be bringing a world champion to inspire your ranks from day one!




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