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Back in September I posted my A new body by Christmas blog, which included six tips for staying motivated to workout out this winter.


By Sam Yassin
On 13 Oct, 2017

Regular blog readers will, by now, know about the Back2Fitness programme and all the benefits it can deliver for those looking to regain their lost fitness and achieve their body goals.

What you may not know howeve...

By Sam Yassin
On 06 Oct, 2017

Working out is a key part in many people’s lives, but a question many people ask is, when is the best time to work out? Is it better to hit the weights early or sneak in a post-work gym session? Whatever your current ...

By Sam Yassin
On 29 Sep, 2017

With less of our bodies on show, thanks to chunky jumpers, jeans and winter coats, it can be easy to lose the motivation to stay in shape that summer inevitably brings when we are faced with baring all on the beach. However...

By Sam Yassin
On 12 Sep, 2017

Whether you are a convert to the Back2Fitness programme or not, getting active is essential for a healthy body and mind.

The benefits of physical exercise are numerous and include better cardiovascular health, weig...

By Sam Yassin
On 08 Sep, 2017

We know that the world of nutritional supplements can be complex, confusing and sometimes downright conflicting, which is why we have partnered with sports nutrition experts, AMSPORT® to create our very own Back2Fitness...

Whether it is because you don’t have time to hit the gym after work, have irregular work hours or are just insanely busy, when it comes to getting into shape it pays to make the most of any and all time to work out.

When time is short and hunger levels are rising, few of us have the patience and self-discipline it takes to get out the raw ingredients and make a nutritionally balanced meal.

Of course, though, this is exactly wh...

Holiday season is at last upon us and if you are one of the millions of people heading off for a week or two of relaxation, you will no doubt be excited, but also perhaps a little trepidatious of what a holiday away from wo...

By Sam Yassin
On 11 Aug, 2017

You will not have failed to notice that in recent years there has been a war on sugar. Too much sugar in our diet can lead to tooth decay, weight gain and a whole host of health issues – adding up to one thing –...


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