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New B2F member talks about his fitness journey so far!

Since Back2Fitness has started, we’ve found lots of different reasons for people wanting to get back into shape. It could be that they’ve simply put off going to the gym for a while, due to the stresses of everyday life, or even an injury that has caused a long lay-off.


For one of the first adopters of Back2Fitness, Matt Fisher, it was a combination of the two; he was a flying rugby player, having been to England youth trials and the academy at Leicester Tigers, when he suffered a broken cheekbone in a game. Out for a considerable period with the injury, as well as the pressures of moving house and a new job, his fitness suffered and his weight hit 22st 4lb.


But he had an urge to do something about it, and having previously trained with me, he decided to take up the 12-week Back2Fitness plan. Having completed the first four weeks of the programme, Matt is already seeing signs of improvement. He found the reps and exercises tough to begin with, but as he progressed it became second nature to him, balancing a 12-hour working day with his workouts, and he’s already lost over two stone.


Nutrition is a key aspect of the plan, and Matt has found that having a helping hand from his fiancé in prepping his food has benefitted him massively. It’s a great idea for anybody on the programme with a partner to team up and work together to achieve your goals of shedding that excess weight. Matt and his fiancé spend around three hours every Sunday sorting their food for the week, and he’s found it a lot easier to train after a hard day’s work knowing his food is waiting for him at home.


He’s now set his sights on aiming to get back into the sport he’s loved since the age of 13 again. This is something we really wanted to do with the programme, for users to really enjoy the plan and use it as a stepping stone, to return to sport or a mass participation event, like a triathlon, big cycle ride or an endurance event.


And remember if you ever have any doubts or think you aren’t making any progress, take a look at old photos of you pre-programme, any old clothes and remind yourself how far you’ve come already. Matt’s found himself fitting into jeans he’s not worn for three years!


To follow Matt and begin your own journey Back2Fitness today, look at our fitness plans, starting from £54.99.


All the best,


Sam Yassin

With a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and coming from the country’s most elite sporting town, Loughborough, Sam Yassin is an experienced strength and conditioning coach. He is a member of the UKSCA and is currently working towards his full accreditation. Having passed his examination and LTAD (Long-term Athletic Development) case study, he is well on his way to becoming a gold standard S&C coach. Sam has long been involved in the sporting world, having competed in a wide range of sports from a young age, despite being born with bilateral talipes and having had more than 5 lower body surgeries. In his final year of university, he gained valuable insight into what it takes to be part of a professional team as he interned at Leeds United Football Club as a strength and conditioning coach.

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