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Keep lean on the go during Nutrition and Hydration week!

Even the best of us can really struggle to maintain a healthy, balanced diet when you have a busy lifestyle, whether it’s for business or leisure purposes. Weekends away can drastically affect your routine and nasty habits can creep in, with fast food and fizzy drinks a danger! To stay committed to the cause it takes willpower but also knowledge of how to battle the temptations. Here are a few ways to stay healthy while you’re on the move…


#1 – Look for the safety of a leafy salad and reject the pressure to cave into the nearest fast-food restaurants. Throw away the dressing that accompanies the salad, and instead combine with lean meat like chicken, turkey and prawns. Adding extra vegetables like cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks to the mix will also work well to ensure you get the maximum nutrients from your food.


#2 – Stick to water wherever possible. It can be tempting to ditch it, especially if you’re staying in hotel accommodation, but whether it’s bottled or from the bathroom tap, the hydration qualities of water shouldn’t be dismissed when you’re on the go. If anything, it is more necessary as you’ll be expending more energy while travelling than you may be in your normal day-to-day job. Diet drinks too, are preferred to their full-fat equivalents.


#3 – Avoid excessive carb consumption! Make sure you can quantify how many grams there are or their calorific content, and try to stay away from foods containing large amounts of them. This will prevent you from straying too far away from your recommended macros/kcal daily intake. Utilising any sort of gym facilities at your hotel, too, will certainly help on any extended break away. Eating clean will help to keep you lean, but the exercise is also vital to keeping off any extra pounds.


#4 – If you see the words “meal deal”, anywhere look away too! Usually consisting of thick-sliced breaded sandwiches or baguettes and complimented by full fat drinks, the deals may be good, but the carbs and sugar you’ll be ingesting won’t do you good long-term at all. Fruit juice, too, is another misnomer, selling itself as a health kick but often consisting of sugar by the bucket load.


We know it can be hard, to keep up the good, hard work of eating clean and exercising hard while you’re away, but stick to it the best you can. Before long you’ll be back home, continuing your normal day-to-day routine upon your return!


All the best,



Jack Baker

Jack Baker has been a firefighter for four years and, despite having one of the most physically demanding jobs there is, still finds time to deliver gym instruction services and nutritional guidance to his clients at SYPC and Rise & Grind. Prior to finding his career feet, Jack also competed in elite-level hockey and tennis. Living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a high level of fitness, Jack saw the opportunity to share his fitness expertise with individuals looking to shed pounds and tone up. Two years ago he joined Sam Yassin in giving nutritional guidance at SYPC, where he now helps clients reach their physical peak and achieve their goals.

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