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How to Handle Christmas Temptation – Give in a Little. Just Don’t Overdo it!

And so, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

It comes around quicker every time. It’s a time when we focus on the most important things in life and those closest to us. It’s a time when many of us, even the most disciplined, allow ourselves to indulge. And that can lead to the odd pang of guilt. It’s the natural time to make an evaluation of our lives. The year’s end is a time for renewal and an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. There are new possibilities aplenty. ‘New Year, new you.’ And we’re all for it.

That’s precisely why we devised the Back2Fitness programme. We’re here to help you make small, incremental changes to your habits that add up to a whole lot more. And we’re here to make sure the day-to-day progress you make can be sustained for the long-term. But we’re also human beings. At this time of year, we field a lot of questions from clients asking for Yuletide advice. People, quite rightly, want to know how much flexibility they have, how much of a normal Christmas they can enjoy. We’re realists and we’re certainly not killjoys or puritans, but we do call for a little moderation. A bit of common sense. But between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, do what you have to do. You should be laughing and loving with friends and family. The gym can wait.

So, as far as exercise is concerned, you’ve got a free pass between the 23rd and the 27th. If you can get out for a run or get on yer bike to blow away the cobwebs, that’s fantastic – but don’t fret about it. Between the 27th and the 30th, though, you need to feel your way back in with two visits to the gym as a minimum. And after your New Year celebrations are out of the way, pardon the pun, but you’ll need to ‘get with the programme’. Turning to food, and you’ll regret not joining in with the pigs in blankets and the turkey leftovers. So, why torture yourself? The changes you’ll make on the programme are simply adjustments to your diet. You’re not reinventing the wheel but try to make sensible choices. Don’t hammer the carbs and don’t double up on desserts. Portion control should perhaps be your watchword – don’t take the mick out of yourself. But it is vital you remember one all-important point - you have our permission to skip the Brussels!

Booze? Booze, booze, booze. What’s the best approach? Again, let’s be realistic. It’s Christmas. But try not to hit it too hard every day over the holiday. If you do overindulge one day, give it a rest the next, make sure you eat well and rehydrate to the max. Maybe fit in a quick run by way of penance. Creamy liqueurs aren’t the best idea and a gutful of beer won’t help anything. Hi-cal and high sugar mixers are off the menu but there are plenty of slimline products around, so it shouldn’t be a problem. But we understand abstaining completely might not be possible and isn’t necessarily desirable. We’d just encourage you to moderate your drinking and stay hydrated this year – you’ll feel much better for it.

Most of all, though, stay safe and just enjoy yourself. In 2017, there’s no need for a new you – just a more focused and intense you!


Have a very merry Christmas!


Sam Yassin

With a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and coming from the country’s most elite sporting town, Loughborough, Sam Yassin is an experienced strength and conditioning coach. He is a member of the UKSCA and is currently working towards his full accreditation. Having passed his examination and LTAD (Long-term Athletic Development) case study, he is well on his way to becoming a gold standard S&C coach. Sam has long been involved in the sporting world, having competed in a wide range of sports from a young age, despite being born with bilateral talipes and having had more than 5 lower body surgeries. In his final year of university, he gained valuable insight into what it takes to be part of a professional team as he interned at Leeds United Football Club as a strength and conditioning coach.

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