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Ditch the dad bod this Father’s Day with 10% discount off our programmes

This Sunday 18 June is Father’s Day when kids young and grown-up, show their appreciation for all that dad does.

While presents are sure to include socks, toiletry sets and chocolate, this year why not ask your kids, (or treat yourself, to the best gift you’ll ever receive – improved health, boosted fitness and a toned physique!

With the Back2Fitness programme, in just 12 weeks men of all ages and fitness levels can see dramatic improvements in their fitness, physique and general wellbeing, just like our recent graduate, 53-year-old father of one, Bren Foster.

Bren’s results really speak for themselves, going from dad bod to the toned physique of a man much younger. To succeed Bren really took on board the principles of the programme and has achieved amazing results.

Losing 8lbs and 4in, following the exercise schedule and nutritional guide, Bren has added muscle all over and is now in the best shape of his life boasting ripped abs and obliques, toned arms and back, bulging biceps and awesome glutes. He looks and feels in the best shape of his life.  

Before Back2Fitness, a key barrier to getting in shape for Bren, like many men, was fitting everything in to his already jam-packed life. Regularly working 70 hours a week and with two kids, Bren’s time is in short supply and finding time to focus on himself was often pushed to the bottom of the pile.

Given his busy lifestyle, like many of us Bren often fell foul of skipping meals or eating the wrong things, he also found himself dipping in and out of the gym but never achieving his body goals.

This is the beauty of Back2Fitness - because we have done the thinking for users, it is easy to follow the exercise plans and follow the guidance on prepping meals and menu choices.

Bren told me: “What I found with the programme is that everything was laid out for me. The plan told me what I needed to do and when, as someone dipping in and out of the gym, I needed that level of structure to keep me on track.”

We hear this time and time again and find that the structure Back2Fitness offers helps followers quickly get into a routine of working out and eating right, which inevitably leads to results.

Along with maximising time spent training, the programme re-educated Bren on nutrition, helping him to learn what his body needs to function well, train effectively and ultimately, look great.

To celebrate dads everywhere this Father’s Day, we’re treating them to 10% off one of our programmes by quoting DAD10. To find out more about the Back2Fitness range of programme packages, click here.



Sam Yassin

With a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and coming from the country’s most elite sporting town, Loughborough, Sam Yassin is an experienced strength and conditioning coach. He is a member of the UKSCA and is currently working towards his full accreditation. Having passed his examination and LTAD (Long-term Athletic Development) case study, he is well on his way to becoming a gold standard S&C coach. Sam has long been involved in the sporting world, having competed in a wide range of sports from a young age, despite being born with bilateral talipes and having had more than 5 lower body surgeries. In his final year of university, he gained valuable insight into what it takes to be part of a professional team as he interned at Leeds United Football Club as a strength and conditioning coach.

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