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Are poor meal choices hindering your progress? It is time to start prepping…

When time is short and hunger levels are rising, few of us have the patience and self-discipline it takes to get out the raw ingredients and make a nutritionally balanced meal.

Of course, though, this is exactly what we should all be doing!

When we are hungry we tend to crave all the wrong things, often seeking out quick, sugary or carb-based snacks that will give us a quick energy boost and it can be surprisingly easy for your good work to become derailed.

However, with some time spent thinking about what you will eat each day and prepping in advance, it can be much easier to avoid those hunger pangs and reach for the biscuit tin.

What is meal prepping?

Meal prepping is simple. In a nutshell, it is thinking about your meals in advance and preparing them, ready to eat on another day. There are a number of advantages to this approach:

1.     It eliminates indecision over what to eat

2.     It helps to prevent grabbing poor-choice meals

3.     It can be more cost-effective to buy in bulk and batch cook meals


How you approach meal prepping is completely up to you, some people opt to prepare a week’s worth of meals at the weekend, while others prepare meals every couple of days. Whatever approach you take, be sure to shop in advance and don’t cook when hungry – you are more likely to add ‘naughty’ ingredients!


Check out my top tips for meal prepping…

·       Be realistic. If your culinary skills are somewhat lacking, don’t be overly ambitious and aim to prepare several Michelin star-worthy dishes over the course of a Sunday afternoon.

·       Consider your macronutrients. Whatever makes it onto your food rota, be sure you have considered what each meal offers in terms of carbs, fats and protein.

·       Shop with a list. If you are used to nipping into the supermarket most days and picking up what takes your fancy, you will most definitely need a list to ensure you have everything you need to make meals in the quantity you intend.

·       Invest in proper food storage containers. If you are only prepping meals for yourself, buy containers that are the perfect size for a single portion. It’s worth also getting labels so you can easily see what is in your freezer.

·       Set a reminder. If you have made the effort to pre-prepare your meals, to find that you can’t enjoy it because it is still in the freezer, feels like a huge blow. Set yourself a reminder in your phone to pull the following day’s meals out of the freezer before you head to bed.

·       Rethink takeout. If you are struggling to make time for prepping, then don’t panic, there are food delivery services such as Prep Perfect which allow you to choose nutritional meals and have them delivered straight to your door.

Not only is meal prepping a good way of ensuring you get all your food essentials in throughout the week, it can also be fun! So, why not put some tunes on or a good movie to entertain you while you cook! 


Sam Yassin

With a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and coming from the country’s most elite sporting town, Loughborough, Sam Yassin is an experienced strength and conditioning coach. He is a member of the UKSCA and is currently working towards his full accreditation. Having passed his examination and LTAD (Long-term Athletic Development) case study, he is well on his way to becoming a gold standard S&C coach. Sam has long been involved in the sporting world, having competed in a wide range of sports from a young age, despite being born with bilateral talipes and having had more than 5 lower body surgeries. In his final year of university, he gained valuable insight into what it takes to be part of a professional team as he interned at Leeds United Football Club as a strength and conditioning coach.

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